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**RHEOLEX +  (RHEOLEX PLUS)  New from 2010
Green Tea Flavour, Catechin enforced RHEOLEX
For Enhance metabolism, Skin Beauty and calm moments**

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RHEOLEX is the product that helps you to lose *extra* body weight naturally and safely. Because this is a natural product, the situation would depend on your condition.

-1box of RHEOLEX (sachet box)contains 45 bags of 2,000mg of 100% pure Propol( concentrated Propol Mannan purified fiber). If you are a big fan of eating (eating a large quantity), RHEOLEX would help you to naturally alleviate cravings for food.

RHEOLEX is the only product that can officially claim to give you a feeling of satiety, without adding any calories.  

RHEOLEX is  made of the most condensed fiber particles, called Propol Mannan, 100% natural from plant. When you take it together with your choice of beverages (plenty of liquid is the key to make it effective),  1 sachet of powder, or 3 tablet  will turn to 400 wet grams of water-soluble fiber, and the "swelling fiber gel" is created. It essentially helps you to feel full, without adding any calories. But it start to show functionality after it gets into, and travels through your body.

Below is the swelled fiber acts as
  •  non-calorie stomach filler 
  •  coating agent to prevent the stomach and intestines to absorb  unecessary calories into your digestion system   
  • oil magnet that captures extra oil from food and carries out to your body. 

The clinical efficacy to RHEOLEX has been confirmed in many countries including USA, Japan and EU to the group of obesity men/women in middle aged, elderly and children.  Over 100 clinical studies been conducted on blood sugar level control, cholesterol control function, triglycerides  control function, weight loss, constipation relief and prebiotics.
Thus, the product 
  • gives you  non-calorie satiety, preventing you from overeating                               
  • Prolongs the satisfied, full-feeling for hours                               
  • Absorbs and removes excess fat from your body 

Reference dosage is to take between 1 to 2 sachets per a day,  30 minutes before meals, together with plenty of beverage. Take with at least 250-350ml of water so the product can work at its full capacity in your body. 

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